Turbolinux is Alive and Well

Contrary to what some might like to believe, Turbolinux is doing just fine in specific areas of the world. It seems to be really popular in Asia and is spreading quickly from there. Those that are using it really seem to be taking to what this distro has to offer.

Like most Americans, I was issued a set of blinders and a certificate of universal supremacy at birth. However, few things expose this cultural tunnel vision as well as a world-wide phenomenon such as the Open Source movement and the associated variety of Linux distributions targeted towards specific markets or parts of the world.

I was previously familiar with Turbolinux as one of the big distributions in the original Linux explosion of the late 1990s, and still have boxes of some of their older releases for x86 and PPC platforms in the attic. Not having seen them for a long time on the shelves at the local CompUSA or in print advertising in the dead-tree Linux magazines that I read, I had assumed that they had joined other early Linux distributions such as Yggdrasil, MCC, TAMU, and SLS as footnotes in Linux history. I could hardly have been more wrong! [Read the rest]