Watching Gentoo Linux grow up

Certainly not my kind of distro based on the needed time to do most of the stuff I need, Gentoo is still growing up fast, though. While it will likely remain quite complicated for those not used to compiling almost everything, it has a very broad fan base that stretches out all over the world.

The Gentoo Foundation’s Gentoo Linux has quickly grown into one of the world’s most popular Linux distributions. However, Gentoo’s non-commercial status, as well as its reputation as a bleeding-edge distribution for Linux system tweakers, has so far dimmed its prospects for enterprise adoption.

That said, Gentoo Linux is maturing quickly, and the system’s source code-based software installation mechanism makes Gentoo a flexible distribution and a good fit for testing the latest versions of key open-source software components.

At this point, eWEEK Labs would hesitate to recommend Gentoo for broad production use, but, based on our research and testing of Gentoo, it’s a distribution that’s certainly worth keeping an eye on. (Administrators interested in learning more about Gentoo should check [Read the rest]