Apple kicks off another round of computer hardware earnings next week

I have to say that I feel that a very large part of Apple’s hardware success in the sales arena stems from the continuing success of the iPod. Just my take, but I bet that I am right.

“Another chapter of earnings reporting season for computer hardware companies begins next week when Apple Computer and Sun Microsystems deliver their latest quarterly reports,” Rex Crum writes for CBS MarketWatch. “Fewer companies could be further apart in terms of investor perception. Thanks to the iPod, Apple, has been flying high for nearly two years, while Sun has shown signs of returning to glory, yet is still trying to gain consistent momentum in taking on much larger rivals.”

Crum writes, “Analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call estimate Apple will earn 24 cents a share on $3.25 billion in revenue when it posts second-quarter results on April 13. Like many of Apple’s reports over the past year, the iPod will be in the spotlight, not just because of its own sales, but due to a perception that the iPod’s so-called ‘halo effect’ is leading to higher sales of the company’s Macintosh computers.” [Read the rest]