Europeans making calls over the Internet

VoIP is not just limited to the States. No, as a matter of fact it seems to be gaining ground in Europe. This is good for the VoIP companies, but is the reliability there. At this point, I am still concerned about using this for mission critical needs.

This article in the IHT looks at the state of voice over internet protocol,or VOIP,in Europe.”Each workday,Robert Schischka uses his desktop computer in Vienna to make calls over the Internet to his colleagues in Salzburg.”The audio quality is superb.It’s better than a mobile phone,” said Schischka,the general manager of a company that assigns Internet domain names in Austria.Schischka is part of a small number of Europeans making calls regularly over the Internet – a form of communication that,on the Continent,is so far practiced only by the adventurous.But that could change.This week,Microsoft and AOL,two of the world’s largest Internet service providers,started offering new Internet telephone services to try to bring the technology to more people”. [Read the rest]