Wind Riverís Linux transformation

Yet another company is showing us that Linux can and does work in the world of business. It will prove interesting to see where this success of Wind Riverís Linux transformation takes the company.

Wind River specializes in embedded software used in computing devices such as DVD players and nerve gas detectors. The company has historically sold its VxWorks operating system for these tasks, but it now also pushes Linux.

“It’s brain surgery, but we’re doing it with a micro-scalpel,” Klein said of the transformation. Linux revenue remains small so far, and there have been some slipups along the way: Klein had to revamp a partnership with Linux leader Red Hat, choosing instead to build its own version of Linux for most products.

But some things are clearly going right: The company turned an $8 million profit after four years in the red as revenue rose to $236 million. The company expects revenue for its next fiscal year somewhere between $265 million and $270 million. [Read the rest]