AMD’s dual-core Opteron due this month

This news is more than just another CPU in the AMD lineup. It marks the fact that AMD has come to market with the first dual-core x86 compatible CPU in the world. It marks yet another first in a growing list of AMD innovations. Intel, of course, can’t be happy about this, seeing as how they announced their intention to field a dual-core line before AMD did (if only by a few days) AND the fact that Intel isn’t scheduled to get their own first dual-core chip out the door until sometime next year. AMD was first (by a big margin) with 64-bit CPU’s and now they’ll be the first in dual-core architecture.

AMD will announce at an event on April 21 in New York that the first dual-core Opteron processors are available, months ahead of schedule, sources familiar with the situation said. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based chipmaker also is expected to announce its dual-core chips for personal computers will go on sale in June.

What’s even more amazing is that AMD is bringing these chips to market EARLY. Intel has been plagued by product delays for the past few years. AMD, itself, hasn’t been know for getting new chips out the door in a timely manner. Things are changing.