Online Tax Return

If your taxes aren’t done yet, you’ve got one week to make it happen. (This is your last weekend!) It you’re in those shoes, it’s time for the World Wide Web to come to the rescue … thankfully, you don’t have to slip out of your slippers or leave your computer to complete your taxes. The online tax return preparation sites can help you get your tax return done in a flash …

As the granddaddy of tax preparation software, Intuit’s TurboTax has name recognition that’s tough to beat. TurboTax for the Web comes in three flavors: 1040EZ ($9.95), Basic ($39.95), and Premier ($59.95). The 1040EZ version is for super simple filings. The Basic version is intended for folks that claim deductions. And the Premier version provides the heavy-duty stuff, like Schedule C and investment reporting. All three versions provide free E-filing, but add additional charges for state returns.

Tax preparation stalwart H&R Block offers three online tax programs: Standard ($34.95), Premium ($49.95), and Signature ($99.95). With the Signature program, a real live tax professional reviews and signs your return.

TaxBrain is the up and comer. At TaxBrain, Federal forms cost from $19.95 (for the 1040EZ) through $69.95 (for their 1040 Premium package), depending on your requirements. The state forms will set you back another $19.95 to $29.95.

Other online tax preparation websites include CompleteTax, ExpressTax Refund, Fiscal Tax Company, TaxACT, and TaxEDGE.

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