70-270 – Printing in Windows XP Part IV

Print management can be broken down into two different categories: server management and document management. Server management entails configuring the print server properties. Document management on the other hand, involves managing the documents that are currently in the print queue.

Server Management
As you already know, Windows XP can function as a print server. To access the print server properties, open the Printers and Faxes folder, and click Server Properties from the File menu. The Print Server Properties dialog box has four different tabs: Forms, Ports, Drivers, and Advanced.

Using the Forms tab, you can configure the options below. A form is a basically a paper type with a specific size and margins.

  • Delete existing print forms on the print server.
  • Create a new form. If you create a new form, you have to specify a name, paper size, and margins.

From the Ports tab, you can configure the following settings:

  • Add new ports.
  • Delete existing ports
  • Configure the existing ports. The port settings will vary depending on the type of port you are configuring.

The Drivers tab lists all the printer drivers that are currently installed on the print server. From here you can install printer drivers for different platforms, remove or replace existing drivers, and configure printer driver properties.

Finally, from the Advanced tab you can do the following:

  • Change the location of the spool file. The default location is %systemroot%\System32\spool\Printers.
  • Log spooler events. All events are written to the System log.
  • Log spooler warning events.
  • Log spooler information events.
  • Beep on errors of remote documents.
  • Show informational notifications for local printers.
  • Show information notification for network printers.
  • Printer notification. When a document has printed, notification can be sent to the user or the computer.

Document Management
You can manage the print jobs on the print server through the Print Queue window. You can access a print queue for a logical printer by double clicking the appropriate printer icon in the Printers and Faxes folder. The following commands are from the Documents menu:

  • Pause – The document remains in the queue but it is not printed.
  • Resume – This command will “unpause” a document.
  • Restart – The print process starts over. The current print process is stopped.
  • Cancel – The document is removed from the print queue.
  • Properties – The properties for the document are displayed.

Also remember that permissions will play a part in what level of print management your user account has.

On the topic of printing, there are a few other topics to pay close attention to. This includes publishing a printer in Active Directory, searching for printers, and assigning print permissions.