Essential Firefox extensions you should download today – part 1

While Firefox on its own is a powerful browser, it is the plugins that make it even more powerful. Here are some that are considered to be critical.

The Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browser is without a doubt an open source software success story. One of its strengths is the active development community that works to expand and improve the browser’s functionality through the development of Firefox extensions — small applications that add functionality to Firefox. Here are a few of my favorite extensions, all tested with Firefox 1.0.1 on Windows XP and Mandrakelinux.

Bookmarks Synchroniser

Anyone who uses one computer in a work/office environment and another at home knows what a headache maintaining bookmarks between multiple computers can be, especially if those computers do not share a common operating system. All too often, the vital hyperlink that you saved a few days ago will be on your other machine, leaving you high, dry, and back at the search engine prompt. Bookmarks Synchroniser allows you to store your bookmarks in an XBEL file online, automatically download them to your machine when you start Firefox, and save changes back to the online file at the end of your session from either an FTP or WebDAV server. [Read the rest]