Everything’s Connected, Yes. But How?

This article does get you thinking a little about how everything is supposed to be connected. I mean, I am still having to go to extraordinary means to get things connected the way I want. With the stupid fear of the copyright boogie-man, it feels like the only media we are really sharing is what we are told that we are allowed to.

Consumer technology seers say they think they have a good idea about the home of the future. It will be a place where photos, television shows, movies and music will be stored centrally and available in any room on demand.

It is called the connected home, where television sets, digital video recorders, DVD and music players and computers are all tied together. But an important question must be answered before the connected home becomes a reality: how will everything actually be connected?

A number of electronics companies and industry groups are working to answer that question, developing standards for connecting home entertainment devices. [Read the rest]