– Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Blogging & Notes – Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Blogging & Notes – A combination of the social bookmarking, tagging & blogging phenomenons in one little package. Post website addresses you find interesting, tag then with keywords like “spain”, “dog”, “ipod”, “posters”, etc as appropriate. You can also includes a brief description, and longer detailed notes (these can also be blog posts). How’s this different from other social bookmark sites? Well, for one they are including the highly useful notes feature. When you post, there is a nice long “body” section to the form. Also, the entire site is open source. See the buttons at the bottom of their page. You can hack the code in it’s entirety. New and cool features are literally at -your- fingertips. Well, and your keyboard. This has been added to Social Informatics Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.