Stupid Lawsuit Of The Week

Every once in a while we find a lawsuit that is such a breathtakingly stupid waste of judicial resources that I feel compelled to mention it. This lawsuit falls into that category.

Rhonda Nichols alleges in the suit that a bird flew into the back of her head while she was at the outside gardening area of a St. Louis, Missouri, area Lowe’s Home Center. As a result of the store’s negligence in allowing a wild bird to enter its outdoor garden center, MS. Nichols claims that she has sustained injuries to her “head, brain, neck, muscles, bones, nerves, discs, ligaments, as well [sic] leading to the loss of neurological functions and cognitive skills.”

Her attorney, Zane T. Cagle, said “the bird was described to us as being about the size of a robin or pigeon. This was no sparrow.” No, I’m sure you’re right and it wasn’t a sparrow.

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