Ubuntu is Amazing

OK, so I have been hearing a whole lot about Ubuntu lately. Everyone is raving about how cool it is and so on. What specifically makes it so cool? Is it just the ideal server platform?

I’m up late geeking out with with Ubuntu, the Linux distrib that’s getting all the attention lately. And deservedly so, it’s pretty amazing so far. Why do I say that? Well, because I’m sitting here on my old Toshiba laptop, browsing the web via WiFi on the latest version of FireFox and seeing all this with great anti-aliased fonts, and the amount of effort on my part to get all this working was zero. I slid in the Live CD and everything just works and looks great.

Ubuntu: Linux for Human Beings. Wow, count me in.

I’ve actually got a 10GB Debian partition on this machine from when I was going to do the switch last year. I had moved my work desktop to Linux, and thought “hey – I’ll move to Linux at home as well!” But I could never get the WiFi working. I had no idea where to even begin looking into it, and most of the information I found online was esoteric at best. So I gave up and continued using Windows, until I finally moved to a Mac. [Read the rest]