McAfee firewall updated to secure mobile workers

Let’s face it, even mobile devices have the potential for security issues. That is going to continue to be a problem that companies like McAfee are hoping for I bet. Good for them, just so long as they are making sure to keep your software up to date.

McAfee has updated its firewall software to prevent threats from creeping into enterprise systems through insecure mobile clients, it said Monday.

McAfee (Profile, Products, Articles) Desktop Firewall 8.5 allows administrators to control access for travelling and remote workers through its Connection Aware Policies feature, the company said. The new feature checks whether a user’s connection meets certain criteria, such as accepted gateway Internet protocol (IP ) addresses, before it will let the user connect to the enterprise network.

Administrators can define different policy rules for allowing access to the enterprise network. Once a client has verified that it meets the criteria, the firewall software can issue specific network access privileges to the client, McAfee said. [Read the rest]