After controversy, Torvalds begins work on “git”

Sounds like things are not going well in the Torvalds camp. After some debate with another Open Source dev, he has opted to resolve the differences that were had and move on. Also, he has dropped BitMover in favor for a project that is currently being developed.

A dispute between a prominent open-source developer and the maker of the software used to manage Linux kernel development has forced Linux creator Linus Torvalds to embark on a new software project of his own, in addition to the Linux kernel. The new effort, called “git,” was started last week after a licensing dispute forced Torvalds to abandon the proprietary BitKeeper software he had been using to manage Linux kernel development since 2002.

The conflict touches on the difference between open-source developers who view Linux’s open, collaborative approach as a technically superior way to build software and free software advocates, who see the ability to access and change source code as fundamental freedom.

As a result of the dispute, Torvalds is now working with other Linux developers to create software that will be able to quickly make changes to 17,000 files that make up the Linux kernel, the central component of the Linux operating system. “Git, to some degree, was designed on the principle that everything you ever do on a daily basis should take less than a second,” Torvalds said in an e-mail interview. [Read the rest]