Mobile RSS News Reader: FreeNews

OK, this is very cool! Robin Good shows us that there is a true RSS reader for those of us who just have to have our RSS feeds on the go!

Imagine how convenient it would be to quickly scan your latest news feeds, topic radars and other RSS content while waiting in line at a store or during your daily commute.

Now this has become reality with FreeNews, a mobile news reader recently launched for public preview. FreeNews is a Java-based application that runs right off your cell phone. According to the FreeNews product information page most current cell phone models from the major brands (Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG etc) and wireless devices like the PalmOne Treo, BlackBerry and devices running the Windows Mobile operating system are capable of running FreeNews.

These wireless devices do require that Java VM is installed and of course you need to have some kind of service that allows you to connect to the internet. [Read the rest]