The RIAA finally stoops to open extortion

I really wish I could say that this news about the RIAA surprises me, but let’s face the fact that they are not too concerned about a good PR image. Still, what about the musicians that they ‘represent’? In reality they represent the industry’s interests and no one else’s. Personally, I hope that it comes back to them 10 fold. I have not purchased (I don’t steal it either) new mainstream music in a very long time. They will never get any of my money again.

Sometimes, you see an instance of overreach on the part of Big Content that just takes your breath away. For instance, Orrin Hatch’s asinine call to permit the RIAA and MPAA to hack into and destroy the computers of suspected infringers boggled my mind. Still, Big Content’s latest stunt reaches new lows.

According to this Reuters story, Comcast turned over the names and addresses of some of its customers to the RIAA, without being required to do so by a court order and without notifying the customers. The RIAA then took the information for at least one woman and submitted it to a debt collection agency, which then contacted the woman and demanded US$4,500 in compensation for her alleged illegal downloads of music and threatened the woman with a lawsuit if she didn’t comply. [Read the rest]