Tweak Manager v2.12

WinGuides Tweak Manager enables casual and experienced computer users alike to effortlessly make their computer systems faster, more efficient and more secure! With just a few mouse clicks you can customize virtually every aspect of your computer, including tweaks for popular software like Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.

  • Allow more downloads by increasing the number of simultaneous file transfers in Internet Explorer.
  • Speed up the performance of your broadband Cable & DSL Internet connection.
  • Ensure privacy and clear the Internet Explorer typed address history and recent document history.
  • Secure your system and restrict the applications that can be run by users.
  • Make your system faster by improving core system performance, optimize your cache and clear the swap file.
  • Plus over 1000 other tweaks to boost performance of your PC, increase privacy, improve security, remove annoyances, perform PC maintenance and simplify usability of your computer!

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