Challenges to the conventional television industry and the new world of mobile content

Speaking for myself, I think that videoblogging and indie movies will do better on the PC than in a mobile environment. I mean, come on! We are still working out the bugs on the PC platform and we already have people pushing it over to the mobile landscape!

Today Netvideo publishes its recent interview with a group of leading Australian television broadcast executives in the commercial free-to-air sector about drastic changes besetting the traditional broadcasting industry. (The Quicktime version for Mac users is here and the Flash Video version for PC users is here). We look at how television now overlaps with areas such as SMS (Short Message Service) telephony and 3G broadband mobile networks. We explore whether mobile content will pay off, given that it was once hailed as the saviour of many ailing business models in the conventional media but has not turned out as many commentators expected. We also talk to independent media commentator, Paul Budde, about dramatic challenges to the industry from areas such as TV over IP (the delivery of television content via the Internet through peer-to-peer file sharing and other video on demand technologies). Topics covered include: [Read the rest]