Chris Pirillo Is Coming To Portland

We’re headed down to Portland tonight (Friday) – just for grins. After all, the Pacific Northwest has much more to offer than just Seattle and Vancouver. The idea was originally brought up in a podcast a few weeks ago with Alex Williams. I asked the boss if we could spend a few hours down south (before WinHEC begins), and she agreed. So, if you live in the area, or know other geeks in the area, you might tell ’em that something’s going down. It’s my first Portland Geek Dinner!

Date: April 22nd / Time: 6pm / Where: Blue Moon / Who is Welcome?: Everyone!

Haven’t spent much time in Portland, actually – just drove through Portland on our way up to Seattle. Geeks and friends of geeks are certainly going to be in attendance, so please join us if you have time on your hands. I don’t think they have WiFi, but I’d recommend bringing a digital camera to record videos and snapshots of the event. A good time will be had by all… or just me, if it boils down to it. I oughta bring some kind of voice recorder, too – to capture any interesting conversations in audio format. Portland, get ready.