Web Hosting TV

As long as I have been in the world of Web hosting, both as a client and a worker, the Web hosting business seems to be the last one on the block to follow big technology trends.

It seems like most people in Web hosting wait till it is very safe before climbing out onto that limb of innovation to try something new and different.

Here recently though, it seems like The Web Host Industry Review is breaking that stereotype. A few weeks ago I mentioned that they are now releasing RSS feeds of some of their content. Now they are taking one more step on that branch.

What is the new and exciting step this time? Web hosting television! The Web Host Industry Review launched a new service called, The Web Host Industry Review TV. Each and every Saturday they promise to update it with the latest news from around the Web hosting world. Right now your probably going to say that streaming audio and video is nothing new to the Internet. This is true. It is however new to the world of Web hosting.

The Web Host Industry Review, in conjunction with Netasis, is pleased to bring you WHIR TV – an engaging online broadcast featuring the latest news and trends from the Web hosting world. Each Saturday, WHIR TV lets you sit back and take in the key developments of the week in one convenient package, providing viewers with a unique perspective on the rapidly evolving Web hosting industry.

Each broadcast will include updates on security developments, products and services, and other insights that will keep you informed with what’s happening in Web hosting. Join us every Saturday at theWHIR.com/TV, to experience the only video news webcast in Web hosting.

Viewers can contact WHIR TV with story ideas by emailing news at thewhir.com.

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Now my Web hosting podcast has been going on for around ten weeks now. That covers the radio aspect of Web hosting. The Web Host Industry Review has now covered the visual future of the Web hosting industry. What is next? A Web hosting movie?

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