Do Firefox browser bugs matter?

This is an interesting thought. Do Open Source bugs really matter all that much? While they seem of little importance to the devs being that anyone can come along and fix them if they so choose, I think it matters to the end user. Still, I do see the point that this article tries to make is that these bugs will be fixed eventually since the Open Source crew does work to improve on their software each and everyday.

The Firefox open source browser is full of bugs, some of which are rather serious.

In March Danish security firm Secunia reported that it had found eight.

Some could be used to trick users into giving away confidential information.

Others could let hackers get access to people’s computers.

Every few days there are new ones.

In fact the little red button that tells you a “critical” update is available appears almost weekly, sending users off to the website to get the new version and fix yet another bug or security hole.

Since one of the main reasons people give for moving to Firefox from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) is that IE is full of bugs and vulnerable to attack, this might seem to show that it does not matter which browser you use, since you are still going to be in trouble. [Read the rest]