Sequel to Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great Available for Sale

Staten Island, NY, Apr 26th, 2005 Matrix Games ( and Koios Works ( today announced that the latest game in the Tin Soldiers series, Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar has been released for sale from the Matrix Games online store via digital download. A boxed copy will also be available by the end of the week. Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar introduces several major improvements since Alexander the Great, including a full 3D camera, non-linear campaigns and a mobilization/re-enlistment system for your forces.

David Heath, Director of Operations for Matrix Games said, “The Tin Soldiers series has been a standout in the quality of gameplay combined with the elegance of the design. Reviewers rewarded it with high ratings and fans demanded a sequel. Koios Works has delivered! Improved full 3D graphics and a non-linear campaign system mark this as a major leap forward in the series and on a subject that no gamer can resist!

Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar adds a new look with a full 3D engine, allowing users to spin and zoom around the battlefield, viewing their armies and the terrain from all angles. It also sports a non-linear progression that is divided into two “chapters” of play, allowing much more flexibility in the strategy of where to strike next. Additional improvements have been made to the AI in how it uses its units and forms its strategy. The Roman time period allows for the mobilization of entire Legion, which are the backbone of your mighty army, as well as native auxiliaries and siege weapons. As with Alexander the Great, your units and leaders can improve as the campaign goes on. The new mobilization and re-enlistment system gives you more control over the composition of forces in each battle. Your choice and how you use those forces will be vital to defeating the enemies that would thwart Roman expansion.

Taking the role of Julius Caesar, your campaign begins with the assault on the barbarian tribes of the north, from the Helvetii to Gergovia and culminating in the final battle at Alesia, which ends Chapter 1. After gaining fame and crossing the Rubicon, your attention shifts to the Roman civil war, where you seize power against the faltering Republic and your rivals. Can you outmaneuver your foes and secure the title and power you so richly deserve? Rome’s future rested in the hands of its greatest general, this time its future is up to you…

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