The Long Wait For Longhorn

So the new Microsoft is getting ready to get its new OS to us as fast as it can. Sounds great, but I have to wonder if this new version of Windows is going to be all that it is cracked up to be? Let’s look at what I have heard so far.

It is going to be more secure.
Sounds great to me, but what does Microsoft mean by ‘more secure?’ Since the code is closed off from the public, we are pretty much having to take it at its word on this. If it is truly being done from scratch and Microsoft is finally going to start over with the code, then I would be willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Still, I am still nursing the hype and flat out lies of XP being, and I quote: “The most secure operating system in the world.’ That is right off of one of the XP install screens, not from my imagination. Let’s hope Microsoft can get it right this time.

Better graphics.
Unless this involves gaming, I really don’t care. Having more bloat with any OS is not something that gets me too excited. All it translates to is the need to buy more hardware so you can actually run the new OS. If the newfound ‘better graphics’ offer me something that I can honestly say will make my computing experience more beneficial, then great. So far, I have not seen any indication of this happening.

To sum this whole thing up, I can’t see any real advantage to moving from XP to Longhorn. While I don’t question that there will be some improvements offered here, I am just not too sure that justifies me bothering to upgrade to the new OS. Guess this is going to be one of the wait and see type situations.

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