Verizon To Beef Up EV-DO, Ditch Wi-Fi, in NYC

I really don’t see the advantage of phasing out Wi-Fi hotspots in NYC. While Verizon Wireless may be wanting to make room on their plate for the expanding EV-DO wireless network in New York City, I think there are going to be some people that are not really that happy about the removal of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Verizon Wireless issued an announcement stating that it is responding to New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s call for broadband services in the city.

Verizon plans to accelerate the expansion of its EV-DO wireless network in New York City and the greater metro area.

Verizon also plans to phase out its Wi-Fi hotspot service in New York City, which was used by Verizon Online Internet access customers.

The EV-DO expansion will take place in parts of Queens, Westchester and Rockland counties, along with the southern shore of Long Island. The expansion is also planned for Bergen, Morris, Somerset, Middlesex and Monmouth counties in New Jersey. [Read the rest]