Ding-Dong, The iPod's Dead

New Nokia cellphone to challenge MP3 players!

Jake pretty much hit the nail on the head when he stated that MP3 players would eventually disappear and merge with portable phones. Makes total sense – it’s the same reason why I “had” to go with a Pocket PC Phone instead of two separate devices. Invariably, I would leave my non-phone Pocket PC at home and take the other device with me. I’m getting ready to chuck the Pocket PC phone, however, because Pocket Outlook (much like its newer desktop cousin) is replete with bugs.

A SmartPhone (Scoblephone?) is a great portable device, but I love having a PDA with the larger screen / form factor, admittedly. I’m looking forward to the Samsung i730, too – but may forego it altogether if I can’t find a better Pocket PC e-mail (IMAP) application. I love Nokia phones, but I’m never going to carry a phone that doesn’t easily sync with Outlook contacts (been there, done that).

On another front, wiki spam is here. Just great. There goes yet another fantastic resource, right down the drain. Thanks, spammers – we love you! Care to ruin anything else while you’re at it? Even those who don’t believe in the death penalty are willing to suspend their viewpoints long enough to see you spammers die.

From IP address, FWIW. I hope it’s not Oilman. What else is left for spammers to ruin?