Password Manager Autoload Platform

Let’s face it: Getting people to follow policies that you set forth in order to protect your company is generally a losing battle. As we live in an age where passwords are a frequent pain in one’s workday, you can pretty much count on your coworkers using very weak password protection.

By itself, this is a very bad thing. Knowing that people – who hold key access to critical areas of your company, no less – are pretty complacent about keeping security in mind is a growing problem. We are very quickly arriving at a fork in policy management where an automated solution would be a lot easier (not to mention safer).

Well, folks, I am the lucky guy who has an opportunity to introduce you to the Password Manager Autoload Platform. Once the Password Manager has been implemented into your company’s policy environment, you will find that you can finally get some control over the password security of your company.

So what is Password Manager, exactly?
The setup that I received for review included a cradle with USB cable, two electronic keys, and the software CD. The idea is that, when it comes to password protection policy, sometimes it is best to leave the passwords to a device that can manage them for you.

Once you, the administrator, has installed and set everything up for your company, you then assign electronic ‘keys’ for specific tasks. The cool part is that now you can have the hardware/software do the work for you in lieu of trying to manage who has passwords for what. This can also prove to be especially helpful when you have employee turnover. Since there are no passwords to remember, so to speak, you can rest comfortably at night knowing that the assigned expiration policy that you have set up with the Password Manager will prevent any security leaks from taking place with past employees.

A real world solution for a real world problem.
As your company’s admin, it is your bacon that ends up in the fire if you allow your company’s security to flounder at all. Knowing this, it just makes sense to shield yourself from any potential problems whenever possible, right? Well, it gets even better. Check this out:

No more excuses.
With Password Manager, gone are the days of ‘I forgot my password for…’

Nobody is cracking this, buddy.
The keys and cradle are totally tamper resistant, thus ensuring that someone is not able to crack the login for the service(s) assigned to that key.

Let it create passwords for your coworkers.
Rather than depending on your coworkers to create and actually remember their passwords, you can trust the Password Manager to take on this task for them.

Password changes just take care of themselves.
Let the software handle when it is time for a password update. This is cool because it takes away the stress of trying to log who needs to update and who does not.

So simple, even a caveman can use it.
The software that comes with the cradle and keys is very intuitive. I was able to get everything up and running in no time. I will save you one potential headache, though; don’t try to be a hero. Just read the instructions. You will find that getting up and running is a lot easier this way.

You are in total control.
If there is a service that requires authentication, the Password Manager will be there for you. Customizing this to fit your company’s needs is very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

It’s as secure as they come.
The Password Manager is designed to meet with the stringent U.S. Military, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and National Security Agency standards. You can rest easy knowing that your company is safe and secure. No more concerns about password leaks!

Folks, I was really happy with the way this was put together. Not only is it secure enough that it’s being used by various branches of our government, but the Password Manager is intuitive and dependable to boot.

If password security is critical to your business, then you would be wise to investigate this product further. After all, the job it saves might just be yours!