eBay fraud boy detained for year

In a short answer – good. I hope this young man learns that screwing people on eBay is not something that folks are going to take lightly.

A teenage fraudster who conned customers of the internet auction site eBay out of 45,000 has been sent to a detention centre for a year.

Phillip Shortman, now 18, of New Inn, Pontypool, had already admitted 21 counts of fraud at a prior hearing.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how Shortman spent money he received for non-existent goods on weekends to New York, hiring limousines, and clothes.

He told one deceived customer: “This is my business – I make people fools.”

Judge Roderick Denyer lifted a court order which had prevented Shortman’s name from being made public, in order to protect other internet shoppers.

During his trial at Newport, magistrates had heard Shortman, who was 17 when he committed the offences, had deceived more than 100 eBay customers over a 13-month period.

He had spent the money on top of the range computer equipment, hi-fis and flat-screen televisions, as well as designer clothes and hiring stretch limousines for himself and his friends. [Read the rest]