Sony Wins Next-Gen Wars

Stop the press! We have late breaking news! Sony and the Playstation 3 have won the next generation console gaming wars. What, are you surprised? Personally I’d rather see what happens when all these new systems come out. Some analyst are already saying that the folks at Sony will stay on top of the mountain.

Where did I hear all of this? Over at they have a nice article about what might happen during the launch, and who will get the advantage when they all come out of the gate. Very interesting to read what people are already saying.

Wedbush Morgan’s interactive entertainment industry analyst Michael Pachter has produced a report on the next-gen console war, predicting that the new cycle will not begin until the PS3 is released in late 2006.

Although a September launch date looks increasingly likely for Microsoft’s new machine, Pachter believes that the current cycle “will continue long past the launch of the Xbox 360,” according to his Interactive Entertainment Industry Preview.

“We do not view that Microsoft’s pending announcement will have significant near-term impact on the US publishers,” the report states.

“We think that many investors have misinterpreted the launch of the Xbox 360 as the beginning of the next generation, and expect rapid sales growth in 2006.

“In contrast, we expect the launch of Sony’s PS3 (expected in late 2006) to mark the beginning of the next cycle, and think that rapid sales growth will not materialize until 2007.”

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