Asterisk Password Recovery XP v2.14

Many applications allow the convenient storage of frequently used passwords, such as the password of your dial-in ISP, e-mail client, or FTP tool. The original passwords are not plain-text, but masked by asterisks (*****) and cannot be read by you again. Asterisk Password Recovery XP is designed to help you uncover (figure out) the hidden passwords that are covered by the asterisks by simply moving the mouse cursor over the forgotten password field.

What are the benefits of Asterisk Password Recovery XP?

  • Find out asterisk-passwords within all Windows systems including Win9x/ME/NT/2k/XP (all versions).
  • Recover passwords in Internet Explorer including IE 6.0 – simply click “Recover IE Password” button and you can retrieve all the passwords hidden behind asterisks in all opened IE pages.
  • Asterisk Password Recovery XP is written in 100% VC++ code, tiny and stable, with only 368k in its installation package.

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