Free Hosting Review

Now I was as skeptical as the next guy when I first heard about and the fact that they allow totally free Web hosting with no ads at all. I took a look at it a few weeks ago, and even then I was still in the dark. After some investigating though I have to say I am happy to see that these folks really do know what they are doing.

They have the same model as Gmail and Yahoo! 360 rolled out with. The free Web hosting that they provide is totally free and great, but you must first be invited to use the services by somebody who already has an account. In my opinion this is a good way to keep the customer base down to those folks who really want to do something good with the account.

How would you like to have totally free Web hosting with no ads at all? That type of service just isn’t out there, is it? Yes it is. is causing a lot of buzz in the world of Web hosting because they are offering totally free Web hosting with no ads anywhere.

So lets first look at what you get. You get 150 MB of Web space, 5 GB of bandwidth a month, full FTP access, PHP, 3 mySQL databases, 1 PostgreSQL database, CPanel, Fantastico and ad free hosting. That is a good line up for a regular Web hosting account, so getting all of that for free makes the deal even better.

So how do they make money from this if it is free and has no annoying ads popping up? Well one way is through advertising in the newsletter they offer to customers. I was told though that since they already run several other popular and successful Web site that costs were not really a worry right now. So from what I got out of the conversation is that they can keep running from the revenue they earn on other projects. Sounds good to me!

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