Michael Kinsley Announces Plan to Save Newspapers

Well at least they are beginning to realize how screwed they are going to be if some changes don’t take place in the newspaper industry. So is this just an editorial that I am referring to? Mybe not. Perhaps the battle cry against Web publishers has been sounded (officially)? I believe that if you really think about it the answer is actually pretty obvious.

Although he is editorial page editor of the Los Angeles Times, Michael Kinsley still writes for other publications, and he did so on Sunday, penning a column for the Washington Post. And no wonder: Alarmed by the severe drops in circulation announced this week, he was moved to propose a wide-ranging plan to save newspapers as we (“members of the last generation that experienced life before computer screens”) know them.

Otherwise, “the last newspaper subscriber will hang up on a renewal phone call that interrupts dinner on Oct. 17, 2016.”

Here are the highlights of his plan: [Read the rest]