Firefox Is Not Bulletproof

This has certainly been an eventful week, that’s for sure. Besides going to the doctor today and trying to juggle repair appointments, life has been all right for the most part. But all of this brings up an interesting thought. How do the various repair techs of the world handle postponing their appointments when the unexpected happens?

I suppose this could include being sick, having unexpected events happen to you – whatever. The point is that I am interested in hearing how you handle things when your personal world and business world collide. Do you find yourself telling your clients to ‘take a number’ or perhaps instead you just ignore the phone while figuring that you can always call them back later? Whatever your remedy for what life throws at ya, I want to hear about it! Just hit me with an e-mail at link attached to my name above.

In other news, it appears that no Web browser is totally bulletproof. With all of the IE bashing we see around the Internet, we should realize that no browser is 100% safe. Firefox apparently has found itself in the middle of a javascript mess as the Mozilla team works to get the bugs found in the browser fixed ASAP. Speaking for myself, I am confident that this will be resolved quickly. Mozilla has a pretty good track record and I think that it really does take these flaws seriously.

Well, folks, I have a lot of catching up to do. So let me leave you with my request above and I will see you again on Thursday.

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