WPChanger – Wallpaper Manager

I usually go through wallpaper pretty quickly on my desktop. I guess you could say I have a short attention span or I always like change. So once a week or so I will visit deviantART to see what wallpaper goodness it has to offer. So much wallpaper, so little time. On good days, I can find three or four different ones that really interest me, but I don’t like to go through all the trouble of changing things around more than once a week. What is an art lover supposed to do? Get WPChanger.

WPChanger is a free little program that sits in my taskbar, does one job, and does it well. Once you download and install WPChanger, all you have to do is drag and drop wallpapers into the program and it will cycle through them all. The time between cycles is totally up to you. The default time is set at every 600 seconds, but you could change that to every 1 second or every 1,000 seconds. Is that a little too confusing?

Well, if you go into the advanced options you can set it to change on a certain day. If you like to start your week off with a new wallpaper, you could set it to change every seven days. Once more cool feature WPChanger has to offer is the ability to make a screensaver out of a select list of wallpapers you have on your computer.

[1.23M] [Win98/ME/NT/2k/XP] [FREE]