Japanese Hardware Sales

Media Centre has released the totals for Japanese hardware sales for the week ending May 1st, 2005. The Nintendo DS was on top this week, outperforming the Playstation 2 and the Playstation Portable.

Here’s the list:

1) Nintendo DS 64,247 (YTD: 740,557) (Market Share: 38.95%)
2) Sony PlayStation 2 40,471 (YTD: 828,824) (Market Share: 24.53%)
3) Sony PSP 38,778 (YTD: 786,654) (Market Share: 23.51%)
4) Nintendo GBA SP 14,616 (YTD: 280,038) (Market Share: 8.86%)
5) Nintendo GameCube 6,125 (YTD: 99,574) (Market Share: 3.71%)
6) Nintendo GBA 448 (YTD: 9,247) (Market Share: 0.27%)
7) Microsoft Xbox 271 (YTD: 6,437) (Market Share: 0.16%)

I would have to say that the popularity of the Nintendo DS is due, mostly, to its popular dog simulator Nintendogs. This, while being a really stupid idea for a game, proves to me that the games – not the hardware specifications – sell the system.

Oddly, the game in question is a dog simulator. I guess it’s better than cleaning up after a real dog.