GreaseMonkey User Scripts

GreaseMonkey User Scripts – These scripts require Greasemonkey, which is an extension for Firefox. The Greasemonkey extension allows users to alter the content and behavior of any website through user scripts which work inside the browser. Many scripts are available for you to install, like the ones below. For an overview of Greasemonkey, check out this screencast. Greasemonkey is a very powerful tool, which can allows you to fix website annoyances or add desired functionality missing from a site. Additionally, the scripts can bring content from other sites and resources and embed them into the page you are viewing. For example, you could create a script on that pulls the current price for a book when visiting a competitors site. You can use Greasemonkey to view Amazon’s price right beside the competitors within the browser. This has been added to Script Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.