OK, this would be seriously frustrating. With Curry making his debut on Sirius and the stream having issues, being mobile is not going to help too much in this situation I don’t think.

I wanted to hear the debut of Adam Curry’s new PodShow on Sirius but my damned satellite service (I am both a customer and stockholder) has apparently broken its internet streaming tonight (great timing) and Curry’s ownsite is also broken (great timing II).

So I’m making a damned fool of myself sitting in the car in the driveway with my laptop (ain’t wi-fi amazing; can we say that enough?) listening to Adam’s choices of podcasts and blogging about it. The good news: Some are musical, with neat mashups; that’s the best part by far. The bad news: I just heard a really boring Canadian podcaster (no, that is not redundant and shame on you for thinking so) and Madge Weinstein, who is about as entertaining as and sounds like Mark Harris (of Martha Ray and Howard Stern fame). It’s not a fair sample, since I have to run in and out of the house and turn the car on and off, but it is a mixed bag. [Read the rest]