No real shock here, folks. I feel very confident that as usual, the US media will continue to ‘not get it’ and spend time and money going after those pesky bittorrent sites. Meanwhile, the BBC is beginning to embrace the idea of video on demand via the Internet.

The BBC plans to test on-demand programmig using high-speed internet access, and an interactive Media Player or iMP.

The Guardian says the Beeb will launch a public trial of iMP, which allows viewers to download any show from the previous week that they may have missed.

Telecom giants such as BT and France Telecom will also launch new initiatives to link the internet to the TV through a set-top box later this year. A company called HomeChoice already offers a similar service in the London area. HomeChoice programming is available via 1Mb, 2Mb or 4Mb broadband connections with up to 80 digital TV and radio channels

The BBC already has an interactive channel (BBCi), so online viewers should be ahead of the game in the UK. Executives reason that whether they view content on their computer screen, web-connected TV or a portable device, they’ll want to access BBC shows “any time, any place, anywhere”. [Read the rest]