Hands-on review: the NHJ MPM-202 personal media player

Cool I guess. But why does this device remind me of an 8-Track player? I can’t quite place it, but this think just seems to say ‘blah’ when I look at it. No real video appeal here, sorry!

We had a chance to spend some time with the NHJ MPM-202 portable media player. Itís a 60GB PMP that doubles the capacity of its predecessor, the MPM-201, and shares most of its features. Overall we found the device incredibly easy to use and great value for the price, particularly as compared to its competitors. Read on for the full review.

First impressions

The unit is solid. It may lack a certain sex appeal, but there is nothing flimsy or cheap about the feel of the device in your hand. The design is straightforward and intuitive: volume control scrollwheel plus play and stop buttons on the right, 4-way selector plus menu and back buttons on the left. The positioning of the controls on either side of the screen makes it easy to hold the device in both hands and control it with the thumbs. There is nothing awkward about the way the controls work ó the interface is easy to use and each command does exactly what youíd expect it to do. The only disappointing aspect of the interface is the virtual keyboard entry system, which fares slightly better than the keyboard input of the PSP as you donít have to be T9-ing the thing, but itís still just one of those inconvenient scroll-to-key-press-enter, repeat x15 and twelve hours later, your movie is renamed. But itís not like there are many non-keyboard-bearing devices that really make this easy. [Read the rest]