BioForge – Community for Biological Innovation

BioForge – Community for Biological Innovation – BioForge is a dynamic protected commons of enabling technologies that will be available to the worldwide inventive community for use in improvement and new innovations through specially constructed BIOS licenses that will impose, instead of royalties, conditions to maintain the technology available for further innovation. This is part of CAMBIA’s BIOS Initiative, which already provides informatics support for innovators who would like to survey the technology possibilities and intellectual property constraints around potential inventions using their Patent Lens™. BioForge is an Internet-based platform of tools to allow scientists in diverse locations to find out about and work together with those who are positioned to apply their research. Scientists working side by side in a lab or attending a scientific conference together have always been able to collaborate. Now BioForge will allow participation even where those physical meetings are not possible due to constraints of geography, time, money and other resources. Many great ideas and inventions are never practically applied, commercialized or used by those who need them, because of the lack of: a) connection with the people who have the testing facilities, farm fields, appropriate germplasm, etc., to try it out locally; b) the people who have the local expertise to recognize needs that the technology can fill; and c) the necessary information about previous work and the jurisdictions and status of patents on the technology. BioForge will enable more open innovation in all the life sciences. This has been added to Biological Informatics Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.