Blog Software Breakdown

Still, trying to figure out which blog setup is best for you? Then you are definitely not alone, folks. With any luck, this quick reference guide might be of some assistance.

Even before the whole Movable Type fallout, I had been trying to decide which of the many weblog CMS packages would be best for my needs. (Choice made!) I got tired of flipping back and forth between each of the sites, especially when not all of the answers to my questions were apparent from simply reading the main web page.

This chart displays attributes of different user-installed blog software packages side-by-side for comparison. Only server-installed scripts will be included in this list. (Sorry, no Radio, Blogger, etc.) I created this chart to help figure out what blog tool best suited my needs. Hopefully, it will be useful to the self-hosted blogging community as well.

If you have more complete information about any of these packages, please email that information along with the URL to your blog to “blogware[at]midnightcircus[dot]com”. I will integrate your info and add your site to the example site lists at the bottom of the chart.
I have created an Excell spreadsheet to make this easier. You can download it here. Just forward the file to the specified address when you’ve added your info!

If you have any suggestions for criteria to include in the chart, please include that, too. If your favorite software is not listed here, please mention it and I will attempt to add it. If you are part of a development group for any of the mentioned software, feel free to submit updates regarding upgrades. If I have made a mistake somewhere, please email me with a correction and I will do my best to apply it. [Read the rest]