Learn Marketing

Learn Marketing gives users a basic introduction to the subject of Marketing. The site covers theoretical marketing topics such as marketing mix, research, segmentation as well as other topics. The site has the following categories: 1) Marketing Lessons, 2) Marketing Excercises, 3) Virtual Lectures, 4) Marketing Online Quiz, 5) AVCE (UK), 6) Educational links, 7) Marketing Glossary, 8) Student Notice Board, 9) Powerpoint Slides, 10) Marketing Clipart, 11) Marketing Chat Room, 12) Home, 13) About, 14) Marketing Lecturer Login, 15) Newsletter, and 16) BTEC National Marketing (UK). Free marketing lessons are also available with a complete list available from their home page. I posted on this site back in 2003 and it constantly gets many post views from my site so I decided to repost and update this fine site. This has been added to my Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Resources 2005 Internet MiniGuide.