Convert MP3 Audio CD To Cassette?

Die-hard Gazette reader ‘Avey’ writes:

“Dear Dennis,

I have created an audio CD of all my favorite songs on one disc in MP3 format. I want to convert this MP3 CD to cassette for my car stereo, as my car does not have a CD player. I normally use my portable radio (which also has a CD player) to record my audio CDs directly to cassette, but for whatever reason, it will not play my MP3 CD that I made. I have used store-bought (regular) audio CDs and converted them with my radio without any problem in the past. I am desperately trying to find a way to transfer my MP3s on CD to cassette so I can play them in my car stereo. Can you help me?”

My response:

Not all CD players can play MP3 music files (only newer generation CD players can), which is why your portable radio won’t play the MP3 disc you made. The store-bought CDs you have are in another media format (WAV), which is why you are able to convert them directly to cassette using your radio.

RE: Recording directly from the Computer to the Stereo
If your radio supports “line in,” you can simply plug your radio to the computer (speakers out / line out) using a special Y-cable converter and record it that way. This type of cable should be available at your local electronics store (such as Radio Shack); to ensure that you get the correct cable, tell the store representative what you’re trying to do. The cable should look like an earphone jack cable on one end (which plugs into the computer) and two RCA cables on the other (where it plugs into the radio).

RE: Converting MP3 Audio to Standard Audio CD format (and then to the cassette)

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