Traditional Publishing, Blogs and Ad Dolars

Yesterday at Syndicate, Tig Tillinghast of MarketingVox, noted how traditional newspaper readership is decreasing, while the ad money this channel is getting is hardly getting any smaller, even though on the other side of the river new popular content media (blogs) are attracting huge numbers of readers.

People are still subscribing to print publications, but are reading them much less.

So the challenge for marketers now is actually taking some of that money and a] investing it in blog and RSS advertising and b] investing it in blog-based PR.

The steps that Tig suggests to achieve b] are as follows:

1] Determine the type of the blog you want to be placed in, PR wise: is it a “first news breaking blog”, an opinion blog or a comprehensive new source blog, that covers a specific field in details.

2] Adapt your PR message to the blog type.

3] Don’t over communicate.

4] Actually read the publication, especially to capture its tone and make sure they haven’t covered your topic yet.