International Journal of Economic Theory (IJET)

The International Journal of Economic Theory (IJET) publishes original articles for international audiences in all fields of economic theory. It also publishes empirical and experimental analyses and mathematical techniques where there is strong relevance to economic theory. Specifically it covers: a) microeconomics, b) macroeconomics, c) game theory. d) general equilibrium, e) welfare economics, f) public economics, g) industrial organization, h) inter-temporal economics, i) international economics, j) development economics, k) behavioral and experimental economics, and l) mathematical methods for economics. IJET aims to be a leading outlet for theorists’ work. An international board of editors is determined to reduce editorial turnaround time and encourage submissions of the highest quality. It also intends to encourage the work of young researchers who are not yet established in the profession. IJET is produced in co-operation with Keio University and Kyoto University as a joint project of the research programs funded by the Ministry of Education. This has been added to Business Resources 2005 Internet MiniGuide.