Microsoft Exams Actually Test If You Can Do The Job!

I’m sure we’ve all sat there in the Microsoft testing
centre doing one of those MCSE exams and thought,
“Well, there is a real world way of answering this and
there’s a Microsoft way!”

Traditionally, you answered an MCSE question by
selecting an answer from a predefined list. More
recently, the drag and drop type of question has
appeared, however, most people still felt that both of
these ways placed very little emphasis on how you
would solve a problem in the field.

Well, after feedback from its nearly two-million
certified IT professionals, Microsoft has at last
listened to the people and introduced simulation
technology to its Windows 2003 MCP program.

According to MicrosoftÂ’s Web site, “simulation testing
is a more effective means of evaluating an
individual’s ability to perform on the job, therefore
enhancing the value of MCP credentials in the eyes of
hiring and IT managers.”

Having a more hands-on approach to the exam is
something Red Hat already uses in its RHCE
qualification and is widely considered as a better way
of testing a user’s ability to understand the

Whether the introduction of hands-on simulation
testing actually removes the “paper” MCSE label that
has risen over the past few years is something only
time will tell. But I would certainly say it’s a step
in the right direction and at least means that those
people who get all the answers from braindump sites
will have a least an idea of what the OS looks like!

More information can be found here.

[Andrew Smith]