Cop Car Cams

Man, just thinking of the fun I could have with something like this almost makes my eyes water. Still, I think that proper video footage of the scene of an accident is important too. No really!

Following the first implementation of Motorola’s Mobile Video Enforcer (MVE) system this spring in Wilmington, N.C., municipal police agencies in Toledo, Ohio; Southold, N.Y.; Kernersville and Cary, N.C.; and Bossier Parish, La., are now using it.

“The Motorola MVE system offers great picture quality which is crucial when trying to demonstrate in court what happened at the scene of an incident,” said Lt. David Holt, Toledo Police Dept.

Previously, Toledo officers used a VHS system mounted in police vehicles. “Officers had to physically take the videotape out of their vehicles and then it had to be cataloged and filed,” said Lt. Holt. “If we wanted to locate something on a tape, we had to search through the entire tape looking for the specific video we needed. It was time-consuming and not very efficient.”

The Mobile Video Enforcer ($5000-$7000) consists of a Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) mounted in an officer’s vehicle and a Digital Video Management Solution (DVMS) ($2500) located at the police department. The MDVR captures full-motion, DVD quality video that features pre-event and automatic event-triggered recording capabilities. Each video also stores incident and criminal profile information. [Read the rest]