Mepis Lite – Is It Really As Good As It Sounds?

Unless you are not someone who uses Knoppix to recover data from time to time, I believe that this following news will be something that you will find of interest. In addition to those ultimate boot CDs that are so popular nowadays, Knoppix and even Simply Mepis bootable CDs are really starting to prove their worth.

The big problem up ’til now was finding one that will run KDE and still be compact enough to run on some of the older PCs out there. Yes, there are other Linux distros out there that will certainly do the job. But folks such as myself simply prefer KDE to other window managers. The reasons vary, but some of us just feel this way. Up ’til recently, our choices were limited. However, it looks like the Mepis devs are hard at work shaving down a version of Mepis that will, in theory, work on older machines that might currently be running Win 98.

What is most interesting about this whole prospect is what this project offers users of older PCs. Specifically, it offers these users an OS that has better driver support than the current Windows 98 on that system. USB thumb drives, external hard drives, all of these are now possible thanks to this Linux offering. While the owner of that machine may not be someone who feels completely ready to jump into Linux with both feet, it may at least help to breathe some life into a machine that is, quite frankly, way past its prime.

Now, we must understand that, more often that not, some people are only interested in that data recovery aspect of it. And since these bootable CDs can prove to be quite handy in this area, I believe that this new Mepis project could hold some promise. Would I say it is ready for immediate use? Not quite yet. Based on what I found, there are still some bugs and could use some more slimming down before trying it on all older PCs. Still, I think it is fine to take for a test drive. After all, you can try something without offering any sort of lifelong commitment, right?