Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith Strategy Guide

Over 125 screenshots! This guide will take you through all 17 single player levels, details ALL secret locations, and gives recommendations on upgrading your Force Powers. This guide is everything you need to become a Jedi Master.

Also available is the text version for only $5.95.

The guide is beautifully bookmarked so you can easily jump around and find exactly what you need.

Ad-free, printer-friendly, and beautifully bookmarked for ease of navigation. For the PS2 and Xbox. 44 pages. 1345 KB. In Adobe PDF format. Free Adobe Reader required, if you do not already have it.

Are other walkthroughs driving you mad? Do you have to scroll endlessly to find what you need? Do you even know which walkthrough is the best?

Lunabean is here to save the day! Our PDF walkthroughs are beautifully bookmarked so you can simply click to the exact place where you are stuck. We make it easy to have a Lunabean guide up on your computer while you play the game (or you can print it out). The PDF format is perfect for walkthroughs and guides… no more frustrating searches. After all, why throw a controller if you don’t have to?

Lunabean guides are written by Allison and Jeremy Schubert, who have authored many strategy guides and own and operate, a site dedicated to helping people with video games.

[Download for $7.95]