Doris Goes for Q*bert Championship

Ever since the fateful day when Billy Mitchell delivered an arcade video game to her house, Doris Self, of Fort Lauderdale has been a Q*bert maniac.

“I was the Q*bert champion in 1984 with a score of 1,112,300 points,” remembers Doris. “At that time, I was the oldest video game champ in the world at 58 years old, a fact verified by Twin Galaxies’ scorekeeper Walter Day. It’s still listed in Twin Galaxies’ Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, the gaming industry’s official book of records.”

Her record setting score was bested in 1985, but her record for being the “oldest champion” had stood, until 2003 when John Lawton captured the title.

“I was sad when I lost the title I had held for twenty years,” Doris said. “Then I got a call from gaming legend Billy Mitchell, who offered to loan me a Q*bert machine to practice on and win back my title. Billy made me promise that I would give up poker and practice Q*bert everyday.”

And, she has. “I can recognize a champion a mile away,” says Billy, “and [I] believe Doris can win back her title. I like helping people like Doris to excel, reaching their highest potential.”

Doris’s big day will come on the weekend of June 2-5, at the annual gathering of classic gamers in Weird Beach, NH. “My scores will be verified in person by Twin Galaxies’ Walter Day and I must not fail,” Doris states. “My bridge-playing girlfriends have no idea of all the adventures I have been through. They think my Q*bert quest is strange, but this is my life and, thanks to Billy Mitchell, I feel like Iíve packed four lifetimes into my years and don’t plan to stop now.”

Good luck, Doris!

Provided by Geekstreak.